Patagonia One More Time 2016

Revised Sisters – Added Circuit 2015

Revised Hood – Added Traverses 2015

Switzerland Via Alpina 2015


Mt. Rainier National Park
The Rest of the Cascades
Olympic National Park - Mountains

Oregon, Idaho California
Revised Sisters – Added Circuit 2015

Revised Hood – Added Traverses 2015

Rafting Oregon & Idaho

Mostly Kings Canyon
Sequoia/Whitney, Death Valley…

Eastern Sierras

Legendary Yellowstone/Tetons

Mommy & Yellowstone/Tetons

Western Wind Rivers

Backpacking Teton/Beartooths

Desert Southwest
Grand Canyon/Bright Angel

Utah II (2009-Present)

Utah I (1994-2004)

Rafting the Colorado I

Grand Canyon Over-40

Glacier Bay
Arctic Refuge/Denali
Western Canada


Ultimate DIY Dolomites 2014

Arctic Norway & Netherlands 2013

Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia


Northern Spain
Dayhiking Patagonia

2008 Patagonia/Tierra del Fuego

2008 Patagonia/Easter

1997 Patagonia - Argentina

1997 Patagonia - Chile

Futaleufu - Chile
Galapagos - Ecuador

Tour du Mont Blanc
Italy 2007 – Venice/Dolomites

All Norway 2008




Where’s Sarah?  She is recovering from a foot stress fracture after overtraining this spring.  BOO, no John Muir this summer! 



Patagonia Again – this time with Allison and Marshall, Dec. 2015-Jan 2016


IMG_2089 IMG_2099 P9110114 IMG_2265

Chambers Traverse Sisters;  Paradise to Ramona Traverse Hood 2015


IMG_5549 IMG_5633IMG_1078IMG_6168IMG_6221


IMG_1127 IMG_6472 IMG_6621 IMG_6698 photo 2 (1)

Across the Bernese Alps on the Via Alpina, July-August 2015


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